Renowned Dancehall recording artiste and songwriter

Nevaramo, originally named Javaun Andrew Jones, is a Dancehall recording artiste who hails from the picturesque town of Ocho Rios in Jamaica. The name “Nevaramo” came to him while he was in the creative process of writing a song, symbolizing a realm beyond mere imagination.

"Dem gyal a pray to me like me Holy"

His educational journey began at Exchange All Age School, and later, he graduated from Ocho Rios High School. It was during his time in Grade 8 at Ocho Rios High School that he discovered his innate talent, thanks to the encouragement of friends. This artistic gift seemed to be a legacy passed down from his father, who was also a performing artist in his earlier years.

Nevaramo soon realized that he possessed not only the ability to DJ but also a knack for composing captivating melodies and lyrics. He started showcasing his talents at small-scale concerts and local events, driven by a hunger to share his music with a broader audience. In 2009, he marked his official entry into the music scene by recording his first track, “Riffle Fi Buss,” produced by “BAD OUT DEH PRODUCTION.” This release garnered attention within his community.


In the following year, Nevaramo became a part of the “Flava City” crew, which later evolved into “Flavaz Bloxx.” The name “Flava City” was coined by Ras Ibba, an elder in their community.


In 2013, Nevaramo decided to elevate his music career to a more professional level and established his own label, initially named “CLOZE CLOZET RECORDZ.” Three years later, he rebranded it as “Dark Yakr Music.” In that same year, he recorded “Gyal Come Wine Up” on the “Spazz Out Riddim” by Truck Back Records, which gained significant attention on the streets.


During this time, Nevaramo crossed paths with Jadeem Johnson, widely known as Ace Element, the CEO and producer at “NEW ELEMENTS ENTERTAINMENT.” Together, they released a single titled “Cya Stop,” produced in collaboration with Hypemasters Ent, based in Kenya.


Riding high on the success of his single, Nevaramo joined the VibesLink Team, leading to his feature on “The Top 30 Charts” on “VRL RADIO” in the United Kingdom.

In 2017, Nevaramo made the decision to go solo, parting ways with the VibesLink Team. He began collaborating with Zimbabwe-based producer Genius Mintol from Big League Music and American-based producer Korie Martin from KEM Production LLC.


Nevaramo is a versatile artist with a mission to spread creative and meaningful energy worldwide through his music. Keep an eye out for more exciting projects from Nevaramo in the near future.

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